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Quantum Energy Card

Now you can experience the wonderful health benefits of earthing everywhere you go! This carbon fiber card is the size of a credit card and is infused the earth's frequency to keep you grounded 24/7! It is quantum infused with the frequencies of botanical herbs and minerals that support a healthy lifestyle. Wearing this card has a grounding effect on the body and acts to strengthen the body's electrical system, support the circulatory system, and boost the natural autoimmune system. It generates a bioenergy shield to help defend and protect the body from the side effects of electromagnetic and environmental pollutants.

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Gail Describes How Holding Onto This Card Helped To Ease Her Pain Caused By Bursitis & Torn Muscles!

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QuantaGrams™ Acupressure Kit

Holographic Bioresonance & Biofield Tuning Acupoint Patches

~ This Do-It-Yourself Acupressure Kit includes a set of non-transdermal, peel & stick, holographic energy transfer patches that are the size of a nickel, called QuantaGrams™. Each set includes an easy to follow acupoint body map, along with detailed instructions for specific placement points within the meridians that will work best to energetically enhance your health, depending on your particular need.

What Are QuantaGrams™?

~ QuantaGrams™ are quantum infused scalar recordings of plant and mineral frequencies that are designed to transmit specific subtle energetic messages to the electrical system of the body (meridians). QuantaGram™ products have over 15 years of research, development and product testing.

How Do They Work?

~ This scalar energy enhancement approach combines modern day bioenergy medicine, and the signature frequencies of herbs and minerals, together with the ancient Chinese art of acupressure.

~ Each QuantaGram™ is energetically infused with various herbal formulas to support vital life functions, depending on the area of focus. Each energy enhancement patch has a specific resonate frequency that broadcasts the subtle energy message to the body's electrical antennas located within the acupoints throughout the meridians of the body. The botanical bioresonance recording is received by the electrical system and amplifies the “Chi” or bio-energy, acting to increase over-all energy in the body. This balance of resonate energy helps with regulating circulation to support healthy blood flow, soothes inflamation and tension in the muscles, as well as stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to encourage optimal cellular function necessary for maintaining overall health.

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Nicky Describes How The Relief QuantaGrams™ Helped To Restore Her Sense Of Smell & Opened Her Sinus That Were Completely Blocked By Nasal Polyps!

QuantaGram™ Acupressure Kit

Scalar Energy Enhancement Options


Energy QuantaGrams™

Alert / Endurance / Power / Strength

~ Get Energized! ~

No Batteries Required!

~ The frequencies resonating from this hologram act to enhance total body energy. The botanical recordings help the body tune-in to harmonizing frequencies that support its natural ability to remain revitalized, helping you stay energized, feeling refreshed throughout the day, without the need for coffee or energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine and sugar and other toxic chemicals!
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This Energy QuantaGram™ supports leg, back, arm and chest strength. It increases the lungs capacity to oxygenate the body, making it very beneficial if you have respiratory issues or if you are looking to increase endurance and stamina while performing cardio intensive exercising such as Barr, CrossFit, Muay Thai boxing, MMA, Pilates, Zumba, running, working out in the gym, or doing yoga or other athletic sports performances.
~ This product is used by Olympic Trainer John Schaeffer, MFS, MSS, MPN, while coaching many of his Olympic medalists, NFL, and other professional athletes because of its ability to enhance their physical performance, and as well as energetically enhance their lifestyle. John has shared his expertise about how to use these holographic bioresonance / biofield tuning acupoint patches in his book, "Acupressure: Using Holographic Technology", which can be purchased here



Life Force / BioEnergy

~ Got EMF Protection? ~

It's Time To Get Grounded!




~ Exposure to dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is pretty much unavoidable for most of todays society. The world trend is to always be "connected" to some form of smart device, especially with the widespread use of electronic devices in households, not to mention the growing trend of "SMART" appliances, cars and homes. It is rare to see someone that is not connected to some type of wireless technology like iwatches, airpods, and handheld electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles, wireless routers, 5g towers and smart power meters that they are all connected to exposure making the pollution even worse! What is most alarming is the user is typically completely clueless to the health risks of being exposed to devices that emit EMF and/or RF radiation. Choosing a smart device is not too smart after all, especially when there are no many adverse health effects associated with the use of this advanced wireless technology which has a negative impact on the immune system of everyone in its radius. Especially when you are in close proximity, and are being exposed to high levels of this electronic pollution for prolonged periods. It is best to use wired devices and avoid holding these devices in your hand, or up against your head, or in your ears, or on your wrist! When your body spends its energy trying to fight off the harmful effects of the radiation exposure, you will begin to feel physically and mentally fatigued. One of the most detrimental side effects to your body is the impact these devices have on sleep patterns. The signals being broadcasted can prevent those in its proximity from being able to rest peacefully throughout the night, preventing the body from being able to repair and rejuvenate itself. As this continues, your immune system will begin to weaken, making you more susceptible to neurological issues, chronic illness and various autoimmune diseases. The continual exposure breaks down your immune system and severely impacts your ability to resist the onset of disease. Continual exposure can impede cognitive functions which can trigger the onset of ADD, ADHD, anxiety, heart palpitations and circulatory disorders.

The Quantum Lifestyle EMFgram™ is designed to assist the body in restoring balance and strengthening the natural energy fields that are being disrupted by the effects of non-ionizing radiation caused by EMF & RF (Radio Frequency) and EMF exposure. The EMFgram™ does not change or redirect EMF or RF signals emitted from devices, it was designed to generate a grounding / earthing effect on the body. It is created for external use on electronic devices, and can be placed on the body.

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Fit QuantaGrams™

Balance / Healthy / Optimum Weight

Energetically Enhance Your Fitness

Maintaining your ideal weight can be a daily struggle for so many. These weight issues could be related to various lifestyle factors such as genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, estrogen dominance and insulin resistance caused by chemical based personal care, overeating, or unhealthy food choices, whatever the root of the struggle is connected to, we have a solution that can assist.

Fit QuantaGrams™ were created to target for general over all well-being while dealing with the stresses of everyday life. The instructional insert includes specific instructions and placements for ideal appetite suppressant and weight management, and balancing blood sugar.

Fit QuantaGrams™ contain a proprietary formula of herbal frequencies that help support the body’s general sense of well-being, suppress appetite, curb food cravings, boost metabolism and assist with natural weight loss when placed on or near the acupoints along the corresponding meridians.
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Intelligence QuantaGrams™

Mental Focus / Smart

Fine Tune Your Brain Function

Intelligence QuantaGrams™ work with the body's acupressure points to support mental & emotional well-being. The set includes an easy to follow body map with specific placement instructions to assist in maintaining mental health, reduce emotional aggravation and distress, agitation and anxiety, depression, and fidgety, as well as enhance memory retention, maintain composure, improve mental clarity and sharpen focus.
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Pleasure QuantaGrams™

Intense Pleasure & Passion

Fine Tune Your Hormone Function

This hormone balancing biofield tuning patch comes with a detailed body map with specific placement points that work to support the healthy regulation of hormones in the body no matter what your gender is.
The body map lists placements that regulating hormones in the body that assist with cramping, mood swings, breast tenderness, infertility, reducing symptoms of PMS, as well as menopause, working to reduce hot flashes and other menopausal issues, and sexual performance problems such as erectile disfunction.

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Release QuantaGrams™

Courage / Strength / Success
Happy / Love / Worthy

Fine Tune Your Mindset

Mental prisons are the worst! It is time to break free from unhealthy habits and addictions that control our behavior. This bioresonance patch will help you walk out your set intentions, and reduce the physical symptoms of withdrawal by assisting the body in the detoxification process. This bioresonance patch is excellent for individuals looking to detox from drugs, quit smoking, or drinking, or release other bad habits, like biting your nails. Place a patch and commit to your intention.

Click This Link To View The Release QuantaGram™ Acupoint Body Map & Placement Guide!


Relief QuantaGrams™

Balance / Build / Cleanse / Strength / Happy

Fine Tune Your Comfort

~ The Relief patches can be applied directly to points of discomfort, however they are most effective when applied to the correlating acupuncture points within the meridians.
They are easy to use! Simply place a few patches on the appropriate acupoints and get on with your day!

Click This Link To View The Relief QuantaGram™ Acupoint Body Map & Placement Guide!


Sleep QuantaGrams™

Protection / Restful / Recovery Success

Fine Tune Your Sleep Routine

Studies Show 1 in 3 adults Don’t Get Enough Sleep. Our Quantum infused holograms are a cutting-edge technology that combines the principles of quantum physics with holographic imagery of the Merkabah to create a powerful tool for promoting wellness and a sense of well-being. When placed on specific acupressure points on the body, these holograms can help balance the body’s energy and promote relaxation, which can lead to better sleep. By using this innovative approach, individuals can potentially experience improved sleep quality and quantity, leading to better overall health and well-being.

Click This Link To View The Sleep QuantaGram™ Acupoint Body Map & Placement Guide!

QuantaGrams Are Easy To Use!

Step 1:

Locate desired acupoints according to the issues that you may be experiencing.

Step 2:

Clean the desired points on the skin with hydrogen peroxide and allow to dry.

Step 3:

Place the patch on the clean acupoint, secure with medical grade film or tape as needed.

Each package comes with a basic acupoint body map with just a few general placements, however there is an additional training guide written by Written by John Schaeffer, MFS, MSS, MPN with an extensive list of placements for various health situations, it is titled:

Acupressure: Using Holographic Technology

This 193 page book contains full page diagrams of acupressure acupoints, and meridian placement instructions for Quantum Lifestyle QuantaGrams ~ BioField Tuning Holograms / Acupoint Patches ~
Discover Johns' Training Secrets!
The Full Page Graphics & Easy To Follow Placement Instructions Makes This Simple For Anyone To Use!

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How Bioresonance Therapy Works

This Therapy Is A Portable & Reusable Energy Enhancement!

No Power Chargers or Batteries Required!

No Bluetooth Connections!

No Software Downloads!

No App Upgrades Required!

Just Pure Energy!

~ The Quantum Lifestyle Scalar Energy Enhancement System is a do-it-yourself bioresonance therapy designed to work in conjunction with the acupoints of the meridian system. This bioenergy approach is a form of complementary medicine that has an effect similar to, and in my personal experience, more effective than acupuncture, only without the need to use invasive, and sometimes painful needles. It can also be compared to acupressure and reflexology therapy, without the potential discomfort from applying pressure to sensitive and tender muscles!

~ This natural energy medicine instrument is non-transdermal, meaning, there are no medications on, or within the patch to be absorbed into the skin. In this case, the only thing that is absorbed into the body are the healthy frequencies that are resonating from the recording within the acupoint biofield tuning patch.

~ The botanical recordings within the acupoint patches act to fine tune the resonating frequencies within the body's electrical system. They broadcast the recordings of plant and mineral frequencies which communicate with the bodies electrical system, acting to strengthen the body, and assist the electrical system in tuning out the harmful effects of dirty electricity and disruptive electromagnetic frequencies that we are continually being bombarded with. At the same time, the patches help the body to tune into the resonate frequencies needed to relieve discomfort, balance hormones, ease mood swings. encourage cellular detoxification, increase endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength and vitality. The ultimate goal of this bioactive approach is to support stem cell and DNA cellular functions, encourage new cell regeneration, improve immune function, helping to restore balance and harmony to the body so that you can experience wellness naturally.

QuantaGrams™ are very benefical for use on objects other than the human body. They can be used to create an energetic essence by placing the holograms of choice on your water bottle or on a spray bottle. They can be used on pets and plants, as well as objects used by people, such as electronic devices like televisions and cell phones, eyeglasses, hats, headbands, bandanas, coffee or tea mugs, bath tubs, shower heads! They can be used in the refrigerator increase the shelf life of foods and energetically enhance the flavors of your favorite dish or beverage.

What Are Acupoints?

Acupoints are often referred to as an acupressure or acupuncture point. When manipulated, the points have the ability to trigger and stimulate a response within the body's meridians. There are aproximately 365 points within the electrical system and they can be easily accessed within the surface of skin. The various points connect the organs and glands to the electrical system of the body, and just like any house, you need to maintain your electrical system. If your energy is not flowing properly you will experience dis-ease within the body. QuantaGrams assist the body in maintaining the proper electrical connections and helping them tune in to healthy frequencies.

What Are Meridians?

~ The meridians are the electrical conduction system of the body. This energy grid within living beings generates and radiates electricity initiated in the brain, and in the heart, and radiates outward, creating the auric field, also known as the human bioenergy field. This field of energy can be measured and usually extends approximately 18 inches to 3 feet beyond the visually-observable human form, depending on what aspects of it are being measured.

What is PhotoTherapy?

~ The patch is quantum infused with recordings of herbal and mineral frequencies using scalar waves. The resonating scalar waves work together with natural phototherapy processes of the body, acting to assist the body in tapping into the healing power being emitted from the reflecting infrared light that is continually resonating within your body, in order to support the bio-energy field. Once applied to the body’s meridians, energy engages with the radiate heat of the body, working to activate the recorded scalar waves, which then resonate and stimulate the electrical systems of the bladder, stomach, liver, and kidney meridians encouraging the body to begin to bring itself into balance. The patch creates thermal temperature differences between the outside the body and the acupoint under the hologram. This generates an energy vortex that stimulates the bodies electrical system. In physics this temperature effect is referred to as a thermal sink.

What Are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves are well known in astrophysics, geology, and hydrodynamics. They are capable of passing through solid matter and are known as a fifth-dimensional non-linear wave. Thus scalar waves function in a self-referral and self-generating manner. The non-linear (Scalar) waves move through the matrix of the body via the crystalline structures within each cell. Every cell has a crystalline structure that is capable of holding a charge, as well as storing memory. This charge begins the process of increasing the cell’s millivolt range and initiation of cellular regeneration. As the cells are charged, toxins trapped in the cell begin to be released. Research has indicated that exposure to scalar fields can invoke DNA repair and equipt us the ultimate fuel for our bodies, working to improve circulation, and overall oxygenation and an increase accessible cellular energy.

FDA Disclaimer:
_?No statement in this presentation has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Any product mentioned or described in this presentation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
~ The information provided within this presentation, on product labeling or packaging, is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. Consult our qualified health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant, or have, or suspect that you may have any pre-existing medical conditions and/or injuries.

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