Pick it & Mix It!

Here is how it works:

~ Pick A Container ~
Choose the size and style of bottle you want to use!

~ Pick An Essential Oil ~

Got a recipe that calls for 20 drops?

No Problem!

Only Pay for what your DIY recipe requires or your order based on budget!

Choose pure undiluted essential oils or premixed with a base carrier of your choice.

We offer Oils By The Drop up to 1 mL, 3 mL drip dropper bottles and 10 mL bottles.

Pick & Mix ANY single note essential oils of your Choice!
Want to use essential oils topically, PLEASE DILUTE!

~ Pick A Base Carrier ~

Carrier Oil, Butter, Balm, Clay, Lotion, Salve & Salts!

We have endless options for you to Mix with!

We have created an easy to follow guide to help you choose a solution strength based on different situations.

NOTE: Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted with a carrier before using topically on skin to avoid injury.

You Pick It, I Mix It!

Are you ready to experience wellness naturally?

Host your own Pick It And Mix It Party!

Apothecary Creations is available for private parties.

This is a fun and interactive way to celebrate!
Birthday / Baby Shower / Bridal Party

Bachelorette / GNO / Girls Night Out
Anniversary, Corporate Activities

If you would like to have a private party please call for reservations.

Be sure you RSVP to reserve your seat at our next

LIVE DIY Essential Oil Workshop.

Visit the studio and get crafty or tune in & watch LIVE online.

Apothecary Creations

Essential Oil Crafts & Natural Wellness Workshops

1930 Derita Road Concord, North Carolina NC 28027

please call or & text 704.737.8133 for an appointment

We are conveniently located near Concord Mills, The Charlotte Motor Speedway and The Concord Airport

Apothecary Creations Affiliates Wanted!
No Kit's!  No Subscription Fee's!  No Strings!

not affiliated with any mlm or direct sales entities including doterra, young living, melaleuca, purely. 

~ Mix with citric acid, dead sea salt, epsom salt, pink salt, raw sugar or raw honey and allow to set for 5 minutes before mixing with liquid.  This allows the fat lipid to chemically bind with the carrier and converts essential oil into a water soluble form.

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