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Our passion is to create affordable natural health options so you can live pure!
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It is our honor to provide you with an impeccable personalized shopping experience.  If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please don't hesitate to call, text or email us and someone from our team will get back to you right away.  We delighted that you took the time to visit our online boutique and we look forward to serving your natural wellness needs in the future.

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~ 100% Pure Handcrafted Personal Care ~
Our passion is to create affordable natural healthcare options so you can live pure!

~ You should not have to worry about being poisoned by your personal care products!  That is why we personally hand craft toxin free products specifically formulated with targeted benefits designed to support your health, not rob you of it!  (Unlike the junk you will feel pressured to purchase by big box stores pushing woke commercial name brands.)
~ We offer botanical based organic bath & body items including refreshing breath spray, toothpaste, deodorant, detox foot soaks, weight loss body wraps, cough syrup, diaper ointment, hand sanitizer, hemorrhoid cream, healing salve, pain relief balm, itchy rash cream, massage bars, exfoliating facial cleansers, artisan bar soap, bath bombs, body scrubs, lotions, butters, clay, anti aging skincare, organic cosmetics, Himalayan pink salt, herbs and spices, loose leaf tea, herbal tea, fruit tea and matcha tea and so much more...  if you don’t see what you are looking for, ask! We can craft it! 
~  We offer medicinally pure essential oils by the bottle or by the drop, creating a proper solution based on your need or your recipe.
~ Pick and Mix oils to customize your personal care experience.  
Contact Sybil for assistance!  704.737.8133

~ We Take Wellness &
Make It A Party!
Hosting can be so rewarding!  Book a private DIY make and take event or attend one of our natural wellness workshops and learn to craft your own products using essential oils and other natural ingredients. We look forward to helping you live purely.

~ Host a DIY wellness workshop!
Choose from over 100 therapeutic essential oils in single notes or blends, clays or herbal teas based on desired heath benefits. Some options include a breath freshener that can boost your immune system or suppress your appetite, or a hand sanitizer that can calm your nerves and help with focus! Your options are endless!

Apothecary Creations is a hands on health & wellness center located in Concord, NC that is owned and operated by Holistic Health Practitioner, Sybil Bralley, a Certified Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist, Life Coach, Reiki Master and Reflexologist. She specializes in holistic health coaching, aura cleansing, biofield tuning / bioresonance energy enhancement therapies and is currently working on completing her Doctorate in Botanical Medicine.

~ Our aromatherapy services are available by appointment.
Make Time In Your Schedule & Reserve a hands on energy healing session, or personalized wellness coaching session, or pick one of our other services: 
PEMF Therapy (Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy), Quantum Energy Enhancement Therapy, Acupuncture, AcuPressure and Acupoint / Reflexology, Scalp Massage, Aura Cleansing, Bioenergy Therapy, Crystal Healing, Energy Lightwork, Chakra Alignment & Attunement, Reiki, Angel Oracle, Spiritual Coaching & Deliverance Counseling, and Yoga / Pilates Coaching.

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Call Or Text 704.737.8133 For A Personal Consultation Reservation!
~ In person, remote sessions, and group sessions are available.
~ Experience Wellness Naturally ~
Personalized health & wellness coaching that incorporates core principals designed teach you how to live pure.

~ Protect your health and boost your wealth! ~

We offer wholesale and private labeling options to boutiques, chiropractic wellness centers, health clinics, massage studios, salons and spas. Contact us for details.

100% Pure Handcrafted Personal Care
Specifically Formulated To Support A Healthy Lifestyle!

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