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Got EMF Protection?

It's Time To Get Grounded!

Exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is pretty much unavoidable for most of todays society. The world trend is to be "connected" to some form of smart device, especially with the widespread use of electronic devices in households, not to mention the growing trend of "SMART" homes.  It is rare to see someone that is not connected to some type of wireless technology like iwatches, airpods and handheld electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles wireless routers, 5g towers and smart meters!  What is most alarming is the user is typically completely clueless to the health risks of being exposed to devices that emit EMF and/or RF radiation.  Choosing a smart device is not too smart after all, especially when there are no many adverse health effects associated with the use of this type of technology which will have a negative impact on your body’s immune system. Especially when you are in close proximity, and are being exposed to high levels of this electronic pollution for prolonged periods.  It is best to use wired devices and avoid holding these devices in your hand or up against your head.  When your body spends its energy trying to fight off the harmful effects of the radiation exposure, you will begin to feel physically and mentally fatigued. One of the most detrimental side effects to your body is the impact these devices have on sleep patterns.  The can prevent you from being able to rest peacefully throughout the night, when your body is supposed to repair and rejuvenate itself.  As this continues, your immune system will begin to weaken, making you more susceptible to illness and various diseases. The continual exposure weakens your immune system and severely impacts your ability to resist the onset of disease and can impede cognitive functions which can trigger the onset of ADD, ADHD, anxiety, heart palpitations and circulatory disorders.

The Quantum Lifestyle EMFgram™ is designed to have the same effect as earthing, and the grounded affect acts to assist the body in restoring balance and strengthening the natural energy fields that are being disrupted by the effects of non-ionizing radiation caused by EMF & RF (Radio Frequency) and EMF exposure. The EMFgram™ does not change or redirect EMF or RF signals emitted from devices
EMF Protection
This EMFGram was designed for external use on the body, as well as placement on electronic devices.

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