Energy QuantaGram™ Acupoint Placement Body Map
Energy QuantaGram
Alert / Endurance / Power / Strength
Holographic Bioresonance & Biofield Tuning Acupoint Patches

Scalar Energy Enhancement
~ Fine Tune Your Stamina! ~
~ No Batteries Required! ~

~ The herbal frequencies resonating from this hologram act to enhance total body energy.  The botanical recording helps the body tune-in to harmonizing frequencies that support its natural ability to remain revitalized, helping you stay energized, feeling refreshed throughout the day, without the need for coffee or a energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine and sugar!

Be sure to clean the skin with Hydrogen Peroxide before applying to the skin to ensure adhesive is able to stick to the skin properly.

If you have any type of sensitivity to latex, or other adhesives, do a patch test to ensure that you will not have a negative reaction.  Should a reaction occur, remove from skin and contact Sybil so that she can show you how to incorporate them into your routine without placing them directly onto the skin.
This Energy QuantaGram™ supports leg, back, arm and chest strength.  It increases the lungs capacity to oxygenate the body.  It is very beneficial if you are looking to increase endurance and stamina while performing cardio intensive exercising such as Barr, CrossFit, Muay Thai boxing, MMA, Pilates, Zumba, running, working out in the gym, doing yoga or other athletic sports performances.

~  This product is used by Olympic Trainer John Schaeffer, MFS, MSS, MPN, while coaching many Olympic medalists, NFL, and other professional athletes to enhance their physical performance and as well as energetically enhance their lifestyle.  John has shared his expertise about how to use biofield tuning acupoint patches his book, "Acupressure: Using Holographic Technology", which can be purchased here.
Mr. Schaeffer’s journey in the realm of sports and fitness began during his teenage years and has spanned over four decades. Throughout his impressive career, he has excelled as a professional athlete, attaining the esteemed title of World Champion in both Powerlifting and Professional Kickboxing. His remarkable achievements include numerous World records in Powerlifting, as well as a Masters Super Heavyweight World Championship in Professional Kickboxing.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mr. Schaeffer also served as a professor at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), imparting his expertise to fitness professionals worldwide. He traveled extensively, conducting certification courses that covered a diverse range of topics. These courses encompassed Fitness Trainer programs, Sports Conditioning, Performance Nutrition, Youth Fitness, Law Enforcement Strength and Conditioning, and various other specialized certifications. Recognizing his immense contributions, Mr. Schaeffer was honored with the ISSA Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding work in the fields of nutrition and fitness.

Beyond his instructional endeavors, Mr. Schaeffer has left a lasting impact through his literary contributions. He has authored numerous books, articles, fitness informational materials, and sports and fitness-related software programs. His training program stands out for its unique structure, while his emphasis on nutrition and athletic performance has solidified his reputation as an authoritative figure in the industry.

Mr. John Schaeffer has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous high-ranking high school and collegiate athletes, as well as a vast array of world-renowned professionals and Olympic athletes. Some notable individuals he has worked with include:

Apolo Ohno, Olympic and World Champion Short Track Speed Skater

Louie Vito, Olympian and World Class Snowboarder

LeSean McCoy, NFL Running Back

Stevenson “Sly” Sylvester, NFL Linebacker Pittsburgh Steelers

Robert “Rojo” Johnson, NFL Safety Tennessee Titans

Allison Baver, two-time Olympian and NationalChampion Short Track Speed Skater

Liam Ortega, Long Track Speed Skater, National Team Member, and Olympic hopeful

Giddeon Massie, two-time Olympian and 10-time National Sprint Cycling Champion

Mark Fretta, Olympian and #1 Ranked Triathlete in the World

Alex Zolkin, World Class Professional Boxer (SHW)

Gabriel “Tito” Bracero, World Class Professional Boxer (140 lbs)

Angel “El Toro” Hernandez, World Class Professional Boxer (154 lbs)

Wayne Johnsen, Professional Boxer, featured on “The Contender” TV show, and many other world-class elite athletes from all sports worldwide.

John is frequently called upon for speaking engagements, television interviews, and radio talk shows.

John Schaeffer has been featured on…

The Discovery Channel

Men’s Health Magazine

NBC Sports

Black Belt Video Magazine

Powerlifting Video Magazine

John Farley’s Health Crusades

Chicago Town Fitness

Hugh Simpson Show

…and even interviewed on the popular “Dancing with the Stars” TV show regarding Apolo Ohno, as well as many other local and regional television and radio shows and numerous, major magazine articles.

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