An essential oil is considered "NEAT" when it is used without a carrier to help dilute the strength.

When using essential oils, it is very important to understand a little goes a long way!  They are highly concentrated plant extracts.  The proper solution is imperative to get the best results when using aromatherapy for personal care or as a plant based medicine.  When making personal care products like lotions with essential oils you need a different solution than you do when you are attempting to assist the bodies system when it is compromised, which requires a higher solution of oil to carrier for a speedy recovery.  In French aromatherapy it is frequent application that achieves the best results, and as such has been proven by it's use throughout history.  Your body can distribute the oils into the entire body system in as little as 20 seconds and can be consumed by the body in as little as 2 minutes when the system is compromised.  You will find clear and simple instructions to guide you below and on our plant profiles for each oil.  If you don't want to have to think about diluting oils, you can send us a message and we can help you choose one of our pre-made items to help you experience wellness naturally.  We are here for questions!

Be sure that what you are using has not been diluted with a carrier oil.  Many MLM / Direct Sales companies like Young Living and Doterra have bottled essential oils that are pre diluted, so be sure to check your labels before placing your oil into your ultrasonic aromatherapy.  Essential oil diffusers can not disburse carrier oils effectively because their molecule is not small enough to vaporize and is too heavy to become airborne.  Using oils cut with a carrier will cause your diffuser to malfunction and most likely void your warranty depending on your manufacturer.  Click here to read about Diffusing Essential Oils For Health.

These plant remedies are very potent and highly concentrated substances and should be respected just as pharmaceutical medications are.  There are a few oils that are ok to use neat topically on rare occasion and for limited time and should be applied specifically to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.  Be sure to consult our recommended use for each plant profile before use.  Keep in mind a 90% solution is always better than a 100% undiluted solution.
Be Aware!  Over exposure can lead to oil desensitization and immunization.  This can happen when an oil is frequently used neat topically on the skin.  When this happens, your body will no longer respond to the plant therapy, making one immune to the healing power of the essential oil.  Take care not to abuse their power.  Essential oils have different characteristics, some are soothing or cooling and others are warming, many can cause skin irritation when used on the skin with out a carrier.  Diluting essential oil into a carrier before topical applications allows the the oil to be absorbed more effectively and allows product to spread further treating larger areas of the body.  When properly diluted they can be extremely effective.  Becoming familiar with the proper dilution ratios will enable you to use essential oils safely.

To dilute an essential oil, simply by add a drop (or more) of the essential oil into the appropriate proportion of carrier oil IN A DARK GLASS CONTAINER.  There are different types of carriers that you can combine depending on the type of absorption you are searching for.  Jojoba oil if you are wanting something light to use on the face and that absorbs quickly or Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil if you are looking to use aromatherapy for a message application.

Dilute Before Using With Liquid!
Take Note:
~ Oil and Water Don't Mix!
When using oils with any type of liquid, the oil must first be converted to be water soluble.
Combine the essential oil with a crystallized solid like Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt or Raw Sugar.  Allow to bind for at least minutes prior to mixing with liquid.

~ Your gut only absorbs 2% to 5% of what you put into it.
It is not an effective way to use essential oils for your health, but can create a tasty treat in the kitchen when properly mixed with a carrier like RAW HONEY!  If using in the kitchen, create a 2% solution with salt in an air tight container and use on food AFTER you have cooked your meal.  Essential oils loose their therapeutic value and evaporate when exposed to heat.  Essential Oils are flammable so be sure to keep them away from open flames.    
~ Sublingual absorption is way more effective, delivering the oils into the bloodstream the quickest.  Simply mix your pure essential oil with black seed oil, fractionated coconut oil or virgin coconut oil into a solution between 2 to 5% depending on your situation.  Add a tiny drop of the DILUTED essential to the tongue and hold in the mouth for 30 seconds to one minute before swallowing.
PLEASE NOTE: Not all oils are created equal.  Only use oils marked safe for ingesting.

Here are a few general guidelines for proper dilution of essential oils.

.25% Dilution:
1 drop of essential oil to 20 ml of carrier oil
3 drops per 2 oz of carrier oil

.50% Dilution:
2 drops of essential oil to 20 ml of carrier oil
6 drops per 2 oz of carrier oil

1% Dilution:
1 drop per 5 ml of carrier oil
2 drops per 10 ml of carrier oil
6 drops per 1 oz of carrier oil

2% Dilution:
2 drops per 5 ml of carrier oil
4 drop per 10 ml of carrier oil
12 drops per oz of carrier oil

This ratio is recommended when creating DIY skin care products using essential oils.
This is a good ratio for maintaining your heath through oil therapy.

5% Dilution:
5 drops per 5 ml of carrier oil
10 drops per 10 ml of carrier oil
30 drops per oz of carrier oil

This ratio is recommended for short-term use when dealing with temporary health issues, such as a muscle injury or respiratory issues and chest congestion.

10% Dilution:
10 drops per 5 ml of carrier
20 drops per 10 ml of carrier
60 drops per oz of carrier oil

A ratio of up to 10% dilution is fine to use for short time periods, depending on the health concern, the age of the person, and the oils being used.

25% dilution:
25 drops per 5 ml of carrier oil
50 drops per 10 ml of carrier oil
150 drops per oz of carrier oil

This ratio is only recommended for use when relief is needed for issues like intense muscle cramps, deep tissue bruising, chronic or severe pain and should be reduced when relief is achieved.

50% dilution:
50 drops per 5 ml of carrier oil
100 drops per 10 ml of carrier oil
300 drops per oz of carrier oil

75% dilution:
75 drops per 5 ml of carrier oil
150 drops per 10 ml of carrier oil
450 drops per oz of carrier oil

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