Fit QuantaGrams™ Acupoint Placement Body Map
Fit QuantaGrams™
Balance / Healthy / Optimum Weight
Energetically Enhance Your Fitness
Numerous people struggle with maintaining their ideal weight.  These weight issues could be related to many lifestyle factors such as; genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, estrogen dominance and insulin resistance, overeating, or unhealthy food choices,  whatever the root of the struggle is connected to, we have a solution that can assist.
Fit QuantaGrams™ were created to target for general over all well-being while dealing with the stresses of everyday life.  The instructional insert includes specific instructions and placements for ideal appetite suppressant and weight management.
 ~ Fit QuantaGrams™ contain a proprietary formula of herbal frequencies that help support the body’s general sense of well-being, suppress appetite, curb food cravings, boost metabolism and assist with natural weight loss when placed on or near the acupoints along the corresponding meridians.

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