How To Use Quantum Energy BioField Tuning Holographic Acupoint Patches

BioField Tuning Holograms Acupoint Patches are a do-it-yourself Bioresonance Therapy that incorporates the acupoint system. It is similar to experiencing acupressure or acupuncture, without the use of needles or the expensive office visit. These non-transdermal, peel and stick holographic energy transfer patches are quantum infused with plant and mineral frequencies. They support the body's bio-energy field by fine tuning the resonating frequencies in your biofield. These resonating plant and mineral frequencies work with your bodies electrical system (the meridians), allowing the body to tune out harmful frequencies and tune into frequencies needed to relieve discomfort, improve energy levels, increase endurance, flexibility, strength and vitality, restoring balance and harmony to the body so that you can experience wellness naturally.

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