Release QuantaGrams™ Acupoint Placement Body Map
Release It!
BioResonance Energy Enhancement
Quantum Lifestyle QuantaGrams™
DIY Acupressure / Needleless Acupuncture
Quantum Infused With Plant & Mineral Scalar Frequencies!
Release It Patch
Courage / Strength / Success / Happy / Love / Worthy
**Fine Tune Your Mindset **

Mental prisons are the worst!  It is time to break free from unhealthy habits and addictions that control our behavior. This bioresonance patch will help you walk out your set intentions, and reduce the physical symptoms of withdrawal by assisting the body in the detoxification process.  This bioresonance patch is excellent for individuals looking to detox from drugs, quit smoking, or drinking, or release other bad habits, like biting your nails.  Place a patch and commit to your intention.

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