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Relief QuantaGram
Holographic Bioresonance & Biofield Tuning Acupoint Patches
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Scalar Energy Enhancement

~ The Relief Holographic Bioresonance & Biofield Tuning Acupoint Patches can be applied directly to points of discomfort, however they are most effective when applied to the correlating acupuncture points within the meridians.  They are SO easy to use!  Simply place a few patches on the appropriate acupoints and get on with your day and experience Pain Relief Without Pills that create bigger ordeals!!

A detailed list of placement points can be found in the book Acupressure: Using Holographic Technology written by John Schaeffer, MFS, MSS, MPN.  This 193 page book contains diagrams of acupressure acupoints, and meridian placement instructions for Quantum Lifestyle QuantaGrams ~ 
Discover John's Training Secrets!
This full page guide contains an easy to follow placement instructions.

This Guide Makes QuantaGram Holographic Bioresonance & Biofield Tuning Acupoint Patches Easy For Anyone To Use!

Table of Contents
What is Holographic Technology?
A Word of Caution When Using Holograms
How Long and What Hologram To Use
Athletic Performance Application
Holograms and Sports
Marathon and Triathlon
Sports with Predominant Arm Strength
Sports with Predominant Leg Strength
Sports with Predominant Back Strength
Sports with Predominant Total Body Strength
Sports with Predominant Chest Strength
Hormonal Balance
Holograms and Physical Issues
Acne, Eczema, other Skin Issues
Anxiety and Nervousness
Breathing Issues
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Colds / Flu
Cramps – Muscle
Eye Strain
Facial Wrinkles and Facial Tone
Hot Flashes
Immune Boost
Immune Fatigue
Indigestion / Heartburn
Jaw / TMJ
Knee Pain
Low Back / Sciatica
Memory / Focus
Menstrual Issues
Mood Issues
Motion Sickness
Neck Pain
Sexual Issues
Shoulder Pain
Sinus Issues
Sprains and Swelling
Wrist Pain
Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)
Holograms and Pets
Location Index
Meridian Illustration Index
Conception Vessel
Governing Vessel
Large Intestine
Small Intestine
Triple Warmer

Where It All Started....
Over 15 years ago, two friends embarked on an intriguing journey into the world of holograms and frequency. Ray Sickles, the CEO of Quantum Lifestyle, and John Schaeffer, a former World Heavyweight Champion in Powerlifting and Kickboxing, as well as a trainer for professional and Olympic athletes, joined forces to explore the possibilities of quantum technology and its application to the human body.  Their friendship evolved into a profound exploration of quantum technology, focusing on the utilization of frequency and its delivery through acupressure points in the body. John Schaeffer, leveraging his expertise as a trainer for elite athletes, integrated this technology into his training facility with the intention of observing how they would benefit his professional and Olympic athletes.  His results inspired him to share his findings in this exclusive 193-page book titled “Acupressure Using Holographic Technology.” In this book John shares his comprehensive collection of acupressure points and along with corresponding placement of specific QuantaGrams. It is a must have resource for anyone seeking to transform their health using QuantaGram energy enhancement products.
Mr. Schaeffer’s journey in the realm of sports and fitness began during his teenage years and has spanned over four decades. Throughout his impressive career, he has excelled as a professional athlete, attaining the esteemed title of World Champion in both Powerlifting and Professional Kickboxing. His remarkable achievements include numerous World records in Powerlifting, as well as a Masters Super Heavyweight World Championship in Professional Kickboxing.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mr. Schaeffer also served as a professor at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), imparting his expertise to fitness professionals worldwide. He traveled extensively, conducting certification courses that covered a diverse range of topics. These courses encompassed Fitness Trainer programs, Sports Conditioning, Performance Nutrition, Youth Fitness, Law Enforcement Strength and Conditioning, and various other specialized certifications. Recognizing his immense contributions, Mr. Schaeffer was honored with the ISSA Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding work in the fields of nutrition and fitness.

Beyond his instructional endeavors, Mr. Schaeffer has left a lasting impact through his literary contributions. He has authored numerous books, articles, fitness informational materials, and sports and fitness-related software programs. His training program stands out for its unique structure, while his emphasis on nutrition and athletic performance has solidified his reputation as an authoritative figure in the industry.

Mr. John Schaeffer has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous high-ranking high school and collegiate athletes, as well as a vast array of world-renowned professionals and Olympic athletes. Some notable individuals he has worked with include:

Apolo Ohno, Olympic and World Champion Short Track Speed Skater

Louie Vito, Olympian and World Class Snowboarder

LeSean McCoy, NFL Running Back

Stevenson “Sly” Sylvester, NFL Linebacker Pittsburgh Steelers

Robert “Rojo” Johnson, NFL Safety Tennessee Titans

Allison Baver, two-time Olympian and National Champion Short Track Speed Skater

Liam Ortega, Long Track Speed Skater, National Team Member, and Olympic hopeful

Giddeon Massie, two-time Olympian and 10-time National Sprint Cycling Champion

Mark Fretta, Olympian and #1 Ranked Triathlete in the World

Alex Zolkin, World Class Professional Boxer (SHW)

Gabriel “Tito” Bracero, World Class Professional Boxer (140 lbs)

Angel “El Toro” Hernandez, World Class Professional Boxer (154 lbs)

Wayne Johnsen, Professional Boxer, featured on “The Contender” TV show, and many other world-class elite athletes from all sports worldwide.

John is frequently called upon for speaking engagements, television interviews, and radio talk shows.

John Schaeffer has been featured on…
The Discovery Channel
Men’s Health Magazine
NBC Sports
Black Belt Video Magazine
Powerlifting Video Magazine
John Farley’s Health Crusades
Chicago Town Fitness
Hugh Simpson Show

…and even interviewed on the popular “Dancing with the Stars” TV show regarding Apolo Ohno, as well as many other local and regional television and radio shows and numerous, major magazine articles.

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