What Are QuantaGrams? How Do They Work?
Holographic BioField Tuning Acupoint Patches

~ A Do-It-Yourself bioresonance therapy designed to work in conjunction with the acupoints of the meridian system. This energy enhancement approach is a form of complementary medicine that has an effect similar to, and in my personal experience, more effective than acupuncture, only without the need to use painful and invasive needles.  It can also be compared to acupressure and reflexology therapy, without the need to apply pressure to already tender and sensitive muscles.
~ The non-transdermal, peel and stick, holographic energy transfer patches are the size of a nickel and are quantum infused with recordings of plant and mineral frequencies using scalar waves. The resonating scalar waves work together with phototherapy, which helps to harnesses the healing power of light by reflecting infrared light resonating within your body in order to effectively support the body's bio-energy field.
~ The patches act to fine tune the resonating frequencies within in your body's electrical system.  The 
recordings of the plant and mineral frequencies act to strengthen the body, and assist the body's electrical system in tuning out the harmful effects of dirty electricity and disruptive emf frequencies, while helping the body to tune into the resonate frequencies needed to relieve discomfort, improve energy levels, increase endurance, flexibility, stamina, strength and vitality.  The ultimate goal of this bioactive approach is to support stem cell and DNA cellular functions, helping to restore balance and harmony to the body so that you can experience wellness naturally.

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